See my latest video where I spent a lonely night at Manampitiya station while waiting for the night mail train. 😊

After spending a wonderful time at Dimbulagala Air Temple and witnessing one of the most beautiful and memorable sunsets in Sri Lanka, I went to Manampitiya railway station to catch the night train coming from Batticaloa to Colombo Fort to go back to my home.

I was at the station by 7.30 pm and the train is supposed to arrive by 10 pm. I decided to take my camera and the tripod out of the bag and went on shooting some moments. I don’t like to call these shots as videos because for me they mean more than that. To be more specific, they mean spiritual moments for me.

That particular night was scary and haunting. The giant trees kept staring down at me wondering what I am doing here alone far away from home. I felt so small and tiny when standing closer to them. People say there are wild elephants are roaming around at night. Unfortunately, I didn’t any on that day as I always adore seeing these magnificent giants.

Luckily I didn’t feel that lonely as there was this dog who always stayed around me. He kept following me and was like my film assistant for on that day! I absolutely enjoyed my time here and didn’t even felt that time was running out until I heard the train announcement.

I hope you all enjoyed this night film just like I enjoyed that night. The most difficult part for me was, saying goodbye to that dog. See you again, my friend.