Aftermath of Stormy Weather in Colombo, Sri Lanka –

01st of December 2017

It was a sad and gloomy day. I had plans to go to my hometown last night, but the severe weather didn’t allow me. The train was canceled due to a landslide happened in the railway line and is advised to not travel there for another week. The entire country is raining non-stop and weather forecasts are broadcasting all the time on television.

There was a reason for this catastrophe. And we deserved it totally. We killed one of the most unique and extinct elephants just to steal its tusks. Galgamuwa Tusker known as “Galgamuwa Dala Puttuwa” was a poor elephant was blind and didn’t cause a single harm to people and lived its own peace. However, we didn’t let it live and inhumanely killed it. The mother nature saw this, and she started to weep. She was furious about what happened, and she punished us with a heavy rain and storms. Heavy winds occurred, and many houses and buildings and vehicles were damaged. Many big trees were falling, and many paths were blocked.

The traffic was getting insane and a lot of people got late to go home. Others couldn’t go to their hometown due to landslides in upcountry. Yet, she simply couldn’t stop weeping and still crying over. In a time like this, we need to reflect that we are only a tiny part of this beautiful earth and that it is the only place we can live. Animals deserve equally a right to live in this world just like we do. There are no differences between them and us. The greedier we become, the more disasters we cause to ourselves. How can one simply cannot understand this? My sincere wish is that one day we show care to every living being in this world and live a peaceful life where the mother nature can smile upon us.