Trincomalee – Port City of Eastern Province, Sri Lanka

Trincomalee is a peaceful city situated near the eastern coast of the beautiful island, Sri Lanka and it is considered as the port city of the eastern province for its natural harbor.

Trincomalee is mainly a Tamil speaking city with a population of approximately one hundred thousand people. The city can be reached by either a bus or train which runs daily. The train is more convenient and relaxing, however, takes a longer time than the bus. It is about 113 miles north to another major city in Sr Lanka which is Jaffna and 69 miles south to Batticaloa from the city. Both these towns consist of many attractions to visit as well.

There are many sightseeing to do in Trincomalee and some of them are, Koneswaram Temple, Trincomalee War Cemetery, Marble Beach, Fort Frederick, Kanniya Hot Springs, Uppuveli Beach, Seruwila Mangala Raja Maha Vihara, Lanka Pattuna and many other wonderful places. Whale watching in Trincomalee is another famous activity.

From May to October, many tourists travel to the east to witness famous whales and is considered as one in a lifetime experience.

Music – Open Arms by Adam Drake and Tom Jenkins


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