Sigiriya Rock Fortress – 8th Wonder of the World and Pidurangala, Sri Lanka

Sigiriya rock fortress on the lion rock is known as one of the world wonders and it is truly a magnificent place to explore. If you are planning to go there don’t forget to visit from Pidurangala where you can witness an unforgettable view. This rock fortress is located near the town of Dambulla and Pidurangala is also located close by. The recommended route is to visit the Pidurangala first and Sigiriya.

King Kashyapa built his palace on this rock which he found during his era. He was marveled by the impressive look of it when he saw it first. One of the iconic features in this rock fortress is the enormous lion paws getaway. This capital was abandoned after King Kashyapa passed away and has been used as a Buddhist monastery until the 14th century where it is now, is one of the world wonders and a UNESCO listed world heritage site in the world.

Music – Speaker Sparkle by William Davies & Dag Torgersbraten

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