Lenawara Raja Maha Viharaya

Lenawara Raja Maha Viharaya – An Exquisite Temple in Sri Lanka filmed in Nokia 1020

Lenawara Rajamaha Viharaya is an exquisite temple situated in Halthota close to Bandaragama town. The temple itself carries an atmospheric feeling which brings a whole new experience to the visitors.

You should take Panadura – Horana road and take a turn from Raigama junction to reach this temple. It is about one and half hour journey from Colombo and the road is well built. Therefore it is possible to have a pleasant drive along. According to the history, the temple has associated by King Parakramabahu VI where during that period the temple was well known and famous among folks and monks. Also, a Brahmin scholar has resided near this temple in the time of King Devanampiyatissa’s reign.

(The entire video is filmed using Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone.)

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