Batticaloa Lighthouse and Lagoon Park

Muttuwaran Lighthouse is one of the most beautiful attractions in Batticaloa along with its Lagoon Park, which is also called as Eco Park. The Lighthouse was built in 1913 by the British when Sri Lanka was under the British rule. It is 28 meters tall and located about 5km distance from Batticaloa town.

The surroundings are quite fascinating and it gives you a feeling of the eastern side in this country. I went there in the morning and the weather was wonderful and wasn’t too harsh. Either visit the place in the morning or at evening as afternoon can be difficult for you to explore. There are so many coconut trees on one side and on the other side, you can gaze at the beautiful and famous lagoon. The reason why this lighthouse is called as Muttuwaran is, the locals call this as “where the lagoon meets the sea” where the name is translated as Muttuwaran. There are many activities you can do around the lighthouse and some of them are, taking boat rides around the beach, seeing environment learning center library and lagoon viewing hall and spend a leisurely time at the eco-park to have a picnic. You can also go to the top of bird viewing tower to see the surroundings. The area is ideal for cycle riding and walking, especially in the evening. One thing I noticed is, the place is not overcrowded and you have a pleasant time. For a photographer, this is a great place to see and capture both the sunrise and sunset.

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